Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

You’ve probably heard someone talk about whitening their teeth.  With the interest in cosmetic procedures growing, one of the first avenues people will explore is whitening their teeth.  Many brides and grooms are putting it on their “to do’ list before the big day. Television personalities and politicians consider it a professional “must do”.  You may have also heard someone else state that “whitening your teeth destroys enamel”.  So what are the facts?  Is it safe?

Study after study by the American Dental Association has shown that there is no damage to teeth resulting from the use of whitening products. There is no difference regardless of the method of whitening that is used. In-office whitening, which involves a gel application in conjunction with a plasma light is both safe and effective.  Trays with whitening gel administered at home are also effective.  Additionally they are useful in maintaining the results of the in-house procedure.  You may choose to use either one or both. Regardless, they are all safe.  Over-the-counter products are also safe, but usually are less effective than professional products.

Many of our patients have transformed their smiles using these products.

Keep Smiling!