Trick or Treating

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Every year we get questions from patients about how to best treat the “sweet feast” that follows Trick or Treating each year.  There are many ways to manage this from restricting the child’s intake each day to allowing them to have an all out feast followed by a good brushing and flossing and then removing the rest of the candy.  Clearly, it is important to monitor when and how much the child eats but the most important factor is making sure that good oral care takes place as soon as possible after eating the candy.  Allowing the sugar to remain in the child’s mouth for a period of time is what can cause problems later. 

As a service to our patients and the children of our community, we are offering free dental care kits to anyone who stops by with their parents on the three days following Halloween (Nov. 1-3).  Just stop by our office at 3025 Berkmar Drive  (lower level) during business hours 8AM-5PM and say the magic words “Trick or Treat” to one of our receptionists.  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween! color scheme .