Encouraging Good Dental Habits in Children

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Establishing good dental habits with children at an early age can make a difference both while they are young and later in life.  Childhood habits become life-long habits.   A healthy, attractive smile contributes to their confidence and self-esteem.

Today’s children are living in a fast-paced technology dominated world.  Incorporating this into your child’s dental care is a way to encourage them to brush.  Electric toothbrushes are easier to use and require less effort on the part of the child.  Why not gift them with an electric toothbrush bearing one of their favorite characters like Cinderella or Elmo. Make it fun by turning brushing into a game.  Many parents find that using a timer insures that they do more than simply stick the toothbrush in their mouth when reminded to brush.  Even better, brush your teeth together.  Modeling good dental habits is the best way to encourage them to care for their own teeth.  It also makes it less of a chore to have company while they are brushing!

Finally, schedule regular checkups for the entire family.  Again you are modeling good habits and making a statement that this is important to everyone.  You are also making it a family outing, an “event” where everyone participates.  If these visits occur regularly before dental work is needed, the child will already feel comfortable in the setting.  Your dentist will be a friendly face.

Remember, the family that brushes together, smiles together!