Meet Bootsie

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In this post, we’d like to begin introducing our staff.  We are blessed to have staff members that have been with us for many years.  The patients often remark about the continuity of our staff and how comfortable it is to see the same faces over the years.  Our staff, likewise, have journeyed with many of our patients through their lives.  Each visit is an opportunity to catch up and hear their news.  They have shared their joys and their struggles.

One staff member, “Bootsie” (nickname) Childress has been with our practice from the beginning, over 25 years.  She also worked with Dr. Haines before he joined Dr. Viglione in 1985.  Her official responsibility is working in our onsite lab.  She is a master dental lab technician.  Her presence allows for immediate repairs of dentures and partials while most practices require that they be sent out to a lab.  It also allows for consultation directly with the patients in addressing individual needs and preferences. 

But if we were to talk about Bootsie’s dental expertise only, we would be telling just part of her story.  She has been and continues to be the “glue” that makes us a team.  Her gentle and sage guidance is readily and frequently sought.  As she works behind the glass walls that separate the lab from the rest of the office, her presence brings calm and comfort to the staff.  She’s never too busy to stop and listen when there is a question or concern-from patients, Doctors, or staff.   When she meets with patients, they are immediately aware of her caring nature and leave her feeling like family. She is a treasure.   

Recently Bootsie announced her retirement to spend more time with her family and to care for husband.  Retirement to Bootsie just means coming in fewer days.  She still works regularly and is always here when she’s needed.

We really cannot imagine our team without her.  So we will happily go on “pretending” that she is retired.