Reunions and other Musings

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Who ARE those people? They’re old! Oh wait-they’re our classmates. . . hmmm. 

Bill (Dr. Viglione) and I recently traveled to Richmond for our 40th Dental Class Reunion.  I say we because we were married the summer before he started Dental School.  We had both just completed college and it was our plan for me to work and support us while he completed his education.  I found a job teaching in a Catholic School and we settled down for the 4 years the program would take.

Very few of the students in Bill’s class were married when we started dental school but by the last two years a number of his classmates had met their mates and had also married.  Some of these became close friends and we supported each other through the final years of school, residency, and then setting up practice.  It was fun to see them again.  Although we still keep in touch, for children’s weddings, etc., years can pass without us getting together.

This reunion was different.  We were no longer talking about our practices, homes, or children.  The topics were more along the lines of retirement, downsizing, illness, and what medications we are taking.  In some ways, it was a sobering event.  Somehow, we had missed that we were aging. Bill has loved dentistry and continues to flourish and grow with all of the technological advances. Our children and grandchildren are close by and live full and active lives in which we are included.  We have been blessed with health and wonderful friends. Retirement is still a distant thought.   

Life has certainly presented challenges but, all in all, we feel fortunate to have chosen this profession and settled in this beautiful area.  We are in no hurry to move on.  Life continues to be very good and we are grateful.