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The Holidays and Dental Care

It’s that time of year when “excess” rules, too much of everything.  It is only natural to over indulge when that tray of sweets is staring you in the face or party libations are being passed around.  What does this have to do with your teeth?  Lots! First and foremost, many of these treats are […]

Dr. V is Honored by CADA

On January 25, 2013, our very own Dr. Viglione will be honored as one of the original founders of the Community Dental Center at an event at Alumni Hall.  CADA was founded in February, 2005 after three years of planning to provide access to dental care for children who could not afford to go to […]

A Christmas Gift for Your Health

Great news for the holidays!  It’s a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, found not only in fruits and vegetables but also in small amounts in the human body.   It looks like sugar and tastes like sugar without the negative effects of sugar.  It is low in calories and has little effect on blood sugar levels. It […]