ArchiveJanuary, 2013

When NOT to Brush Your Teeth

Bet you never thought you would hear this one from a dentist or hygienist.  After all, we have all been told to brush a minimum of twice a day and preferably after eating.  Many folks today are on the go during mealtime. Not too many of us are running around with a toothbrush so clearly […]

Perfume-To Wear or Not to Wear When Visiting the Dentist?

Gradually we are becoming more aware of the quality of air we are exposed to in the work place. Some of this awareness has arisen out of the knowledge gained over the last half century related to passive smoke.  This is particularly true when people are confined in close spaces.  Add to this that dentistry […]

Brain Power and Brushing Your Teeth

I’m currently reading a book, Super Brain,  by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi.  The years are creeping up and I want to do everything I can to insure that my mental and physical health are maintained.  Today I was surprised to read of a study correlating dementia and oral health care. In a release by the […]