Perfume-To Wear or Not to Wear When Visiting the Dentist?

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FragranceGradually we are becoming more aware of the quality of air we are exposed to in the work place. Some of this awareness has arisen out of the knowledge gained over the last half century related to passive smoke. 

This is particularly true when people are confined in close spaces.  Add to this that dentistry actually puts the practitioner in face to face contact with the patient.  If the patient or practitioner is wearing fragrance, it means that they are both breathing fumes from the perfume the entire time the patient is being treated.  While wearing a mask helps somewhat, it does not eliminate all of the fumes.  Additionally, more and more people are demonstrating allergies to different smells and find it very difficult to be in a space where any fragrance is present.  Your lotion or cologne may actually bother another patient in the reception area.

Compounding this are the numerous products that are used in the dental office both for treatment, cleaning, and sterilizing that emit various fumes and it is easy to see that air quality can become an ongoing concern.  More companies are slowly becoming aware of difficulties this can present and are marketing products that are less toxic or even fragrance free.  As consumers of these products, we are always looking for products that eliminate fragrance as much as possible.

The key to making a difference is creating awareness.  It is normal that when visiting our doctor or dentist, we want to “smell especially nice”.  Actually what would be most beneficial for our health care worker is no added fragrance when going for treatment.  And don’t be afraid to point out if something is making you uncomfortable.  

As our mothers and grandmothers often stated “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  So take a shower and leave the perfume or cologne on the vanity.