When NOT to Brush Your Teeth

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eaten fruitBet you never thought you would hear this one from a dentist or hygienist.  After all, we have all been told to brush a minimum of twice a day and preferably after eating.  Many folks today are on the go during mealtime. Not too many of us are running around with a toothbrush so clearly this doesn’t happen as often as we might like anyway.

But, surprise there is one situation in which you should wait until you brush. The exception is when you have drunk or eaten an acidic food i.e., soft drink, fruits, or juices.  In those cases it is best to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing to prevent weakening or damage to the enamel.  It can be helpful to swish water around in your mouth after consuming something acidic. 

If you’re really on the ball and want to keep those pearly whites in top shape, and you want to consume a soda, you COULD brush your teeth beforehand. 

Just sayin’.