Mouthwash and Heart Disease?

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In February I wrote about the benefits of using a mouthwash for oral health. There is mounting evidence that theThe Heart benefits may go beyond a healthy mouth.

Many of you are aware that heart disease remains the number one cause of death throughout the world.  There has long been speculation that there is a link between heart disease and oral health.  More recently research is adding support to this premise.

This past April, the results of a clinical trial, presented to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, surprisingly showed a link between the use of an iodine based mouth rinse and LDL, the bad cholesterol.  This was not something researchers were looking for or expected.  As a part of the study, they were monitoring inflammation in a number of their subjects. Amazingly, the users of the mouthwash were found to have lower LDL’s than in the placebo group in addition to having improvements in their overall oral health!

The product involved was a once a day/30 second oral rinse with the active ingredient being based on iodine.  Enough of a correlation was found to warrant further study. 

While scientists are still unsure why this made a difference, the results from this and other studies continue to indicate a connection between oral health and cardiovascular disease.

Additional studies are being conducted.  Until there is better understanding of the connection, it is clearly worthwhile to make oral health a priority. The heart you save may be your own!