BPA and Teeth Enamel

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feeding baby We’ve all been made aware of the possible health ramifications of using products containing Bisphenol A aka BPA. This is a compound that is found in many plastics and resins. It is also found inside drink and food tins. Manufacturers are starting to address these concerns with products that no longer contain this compound.

Medical News Today reports that recent research is showing additional concerns about the effect BPA may have on teeth enamel. A new study demonstrated a specific link to a condition known as MIH (Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation). This primarily affects first molars and permanent incisors. Approximately 18% of children 6-8 years of age present with this condition. It’s not a huge leap to realize that these children have most likely been fed from plastic bottles, sippy cups, and food containers which were manufactured with BPA.

Parents should be vigilant that plastic ware that they use for their children’s care does NOT contain BPA. Check the labels. Just another way to protect your children’s health as well as the future well being of their teeth!