ArchiveAugust, 2015

Dry Mouth

Many people experience degrees of dry mouth.  Dry mouth results when for some reason the salivary glands, located under your tongue and in your cheeks near your upper molars, do not produce enough saliva.  Not only is this uncomfortable for the patient but can have serious dental consequences. Not producing enough saliva in the mouth […]

Infection Control in the Dental Office Part 2

In a previous blog we discussed the numerous precautions that take place in the dental office before a patient is seen to insure a safe and sterile environment.  In this discussion we will explain the procedures involved in preparing the instruments that are used. In every dental office there is a sterilization center for the […]

Nursing Homes and Dental Hygiene

An interesting phenomena has taken place as our population ages.  Poor dental hygiene in nursing homes has risen to nearly epidemic proportions.  In the elderly this can lead to serious illness that might have been prevented. For many years in the past, people entering nursing homes came fitted with dentures.  Since these are removable, the […]

Infection Control in the Dental Office

You rush out of work and head to the dentist’s office for your six month hygiene appointment.  Shortly after you arrive, your smiling hygienist greets you in their reception area.  You walk to her/his treatment  room and are seated and made comfortable.  Did you ever wonder what preparation is made before you arrive to insure […]

Stress and Your Teeth

Are you feeling more stressed out of late?  Are you the personality type that worries a lot?  Do you have difficulty relaxing, even when you are asleep?  Your teeth may be a testament to any of these. When you visit your dentist he may have noted some unusual wear.  He may even have noted teeth […]