Risk Assessment

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Risk AssessmentOur motto is “Our Focus is on You”.  And there’s a reason for that. You are unique.  So it just makes sense that your needs may be different from another patient.  There is a basic Standard of Care that we will offer every patient. But beyond that it is important to get to know you as an individual.  And thus when you come to our practice, you will be given what we call a Risk Assessment.

What is a Risk Assessment?  It’s a series of questions that helps determine what level you may be at risk for dental caries based on such factors as: dental conditions, your medical history, personal habits, and protective factors of which you have taken advantage.

The National Institute of Health has stated that “considerable benefit” could result from determining those patients at high risk for developing cavities before it happens. If a patient is determined to be at high risk or even moderate risk, there are many tools at our disposal and the patient’s that can aid in this.

Based on your individual risk assessment, a discussion of options to lessen your risk will follow and a program will be coordinated with your Dental Hygiene provider.

Prevention continues to be the key to life-long oral health and a huge contributor to your overall health. So our goal is to get to know you “up close and personal”.  That has to make you smile!