Topical Fluoride Treatments

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If you’ve visited our office recently for your regular Dental Hygiene checkup,  you were probably offered the opportunity for placement of topical fluoride on your teeth.  New studies have shown this procedure to be an important  part of good preventative care for both children and adults.

While fluoride is found in some toothpastes and mouth rinses and  is also helpful, direct application of fluoride to the teeth in the dental office is a great way to provide added protection.  This is especially important to those at moderate or high risk for dental caries. fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that provides protection to the enamel and thus helps prevent  caries from forming.  It has even been shown to help repair teeth that may be in the early microscopic stages of disease. Additionally, it provides protection to existing crowns and fillings.

Topical fluoride that is applied in the office takes only a few minutes.  It comes in a number of forms but in our office we use a varnish application.  It is brushed on the teeth during your regular hygiene visit and you are off and running.  The procedure is inexpensive and leaves the patient with immeasurable benefits and helps prevent possible costly and time consuming procedures down the road.

Yet another win-win solution provided to you by our knowledgeable and caring staff!