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So much is being written today about the value of practicing gratitude. It soothes the soul and eases anxiety. It is human nature to focus on that which is wrong and causing discomfort or pain.  But as we approach Thanksgiving, let’s be reminded  of the real reason for this holiday.  Starting from a historical prospective where it was celebrated early in this country’s beginning (reasonable people can argue about where the first such celebration actually took place but we Virginians know the truth) to the present, it has always been a celebration of gratitude.

We at Charlottesville Dental Health Partners have so much to be grateful for.  We are blessed with wonderful patients that show us appreciation everyday for the care we extend to them. The trust and faith they put in us is a gift that we embrace.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve them. Our staff is among the finest group of people with which to work and truly are family to each other.  Within our “family” we have celebrated births, marriages,  graduations, anniversaries, and many successes both large and small this past year. Life is good.

As we take time to celebrate this Thanksgiving, we are mindful of these many gifts .  Yes, it has been a difficult year in many ways for our nation.  But we continue to be a people of hope and to celebrate that which is good.  So as you chomp down on that turkey (or tofurkey) this Thanksgiving, please remember that this isn’t just a day off from work.  It is indeed a day to reflect and give thanks.