ArchiveAugust, 2020

Momma T, ZZ Top and the dust mop…..

If you have visited CDHP in the last 30 years, it is likely that you have gotten a confirmation call from, met, chatted, shared a laugh with, received a cup of coffee and/or a hug from (pre-covid obviously) the face of the front office, our beloved Teresa! Known by many and loved by all, the […]

Team Spotlight: Paula K

This week we took a moment to chat with one of our superstar hygiene team members, Paula K. She is known around the office for her talents with tie dye, skills at ceramics, and delicious pretzel salad (a frequent request at our birthday lunches). Fun fact: Paula has been at the office for over 35 […]

CDHP and Covid

As we all navigate what our new “normal” looks like we wanted to take a few moments to fill you in on the safety measures we have taken here at CDHP to protect both our patients and staff. Staff Considerations:  Before re-opening our doors, the CDHP staff spent an entire week in the office without […]