CDHP and Covid

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As we all navigate what our new “normal” looks like we wanted to take a few moments to fill you in on the safety measures we have taken here at CDHP to protect both our patients and staff.

Staff Considerations: 

Before re-opening our doors, the CDHP staff spent an entire week in the office without patients learning and implementing the new workflow. Our number one rule is:  DO NOT COME TO IN IF YOU ARE SICK, RUNNING A FEVER, OR EXHIBITING ANY SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS. Upon arrival don mask prior to entering the building using one entrance only.  Once in, we require everyone to use hand sanitizer, take their temperature and document it so that we have a record. ALL STAFF (not just clinical) will change into scrubs to provide an additional level or protection for patients and staff.

Patient Considerations:

In an attempt to reduce the number of patients arriving at one time, we chose to stagger the start for our appointments. This is the reason you may have noticed that your apointment time may not start exactly on the hour as it always has. In doing this, we are able to reduce the number of patient appointments by 25% and allow our staff additional time for cleaning between appointments.

Prior to arrival you will be contacted by a staff member who will send or review with you the Pre-Appointment Screening. These same questions will be repeated and your temperature will be taken upon arrival at the office in order to ensure nothing has changed since the phone conversation. We remind patients/guardians to limit extra companions on their trip to the office to only essential people in order to reduce the number of people entering the office. LIkewise, I would recommend that you arrive promptly for your appointment, not the usual 15 minutes prior.

Patients are required to remain in their car and we have implemented signage that instructs how to notify staff of your arrival. A member of the clinical staff will meet the patient outside and take their temperature as well as conduct a day of pre-screening form.  Consent to conduct treatment will be completed as well.

There is to be no hand shaking or physical contact. Everyone in the office will be in a surgical mask at all times before, during and after the appointment. We have installed social distancing safety shields at checkout. Likewise, the credit card reader is set up on the patient side to limit staff and patient contact.

Prefer limited use of Aerosols in the office:

We have taken into consideration all angles of how to best limit exposure so at this time we are limiting the use of handpieces and ultrasonic scalers (during cleanings) to only when absolutely necessary.  High velocity suction will be used whenever possible.

Additionally, we have instituted additional Personal Protective Equipment and procedures to  include:    

N95 Masks

Face Shields

Bouffants (Head coverings)


Specialized Suction Equipment to reduce aerosols

UltraHEPA Filtration Devices in each room

Additional daily procedures:

Regular Disinfection of all Restrooms throughout the Day

High Level Surface Disinfectant used in all rooms between patients (Coronavirus killed in 1 minute of contact)

Full Office Cleaning and Disinfection done Daily

Constant Running of the HVAC system

Waiting Room is rarely utilized (waiting for a ride)

You will see an additional charge for PPE of $15.00 per visit.  Some offices have chosen to increase fees on all procedures in response to COVID.  Instead, we have decided to place a PPE fee to help offset the additional cost to remain open in the safest manner possible.  This fee does not completely cover the cost of our additional measures, but it is designed to help mitigate the costs associated with being operational.  If any of our patients have concerns about this fee, we are happy to discuss it more individually.

We appreciate your consideration and patience as we all learn how to navigate life in the wake of global pandemic. We are all united in this together please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help.