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Essentially You

Essential oils are definitely trending right now. Your neighbors are selling them and your friends are touting their miracle abilities. There’s a lot of buzz about living an oily life but do these oils really do what they claim? And can they benefit your oral health? These oils have been used for health care treatments […]

Topical Fluoride Treatments

If you’ve visited our office recently for your regular Dental Hygiene checkup,  you were probably offered the opportunity for placement of topical fluoride on your teeth.  New studies have shown this procedure to be an important  part of good preventative care for both children and adults. While fluoride is found in some toothpastes and mouth […]

Risk Assessment

Our motto is “Our Focus is on You”.  And there’s a reason for that. You are unique.  So it just makes sense that your needs may be different from another patient.  There is a basic Standard of Care that we will offer every patient. But beyond that it is important to get to know you […]

Sugar Confusion

While everyone seems to know and understand that too much sugar is indeed a bad thing, most don’t actually know what that means.  First, there are three types of sugar: sucrose, lactose, and fructose.  While the human body does require glucose to survive we know that, at the very least, “added”  sugar (also called free […]

National Children’s Dental Health Month

What is the most chronic childhood disease effecting children 6-11 and adolescents 12-19?  Would you have guessed dental caries? February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  The American Dental Association takes this month to raise awareness about oral health care especially with children.  This year’s campaign theme “Sugar Wars”  depicts heroic cartoon children in a […]

Periodontal Disease and Breast Cancer

We’ve written a number of blogs concerning links between Oral Disease  and other health related illnesses. Among them are heart disease, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer etc. Periodontal  disease (aka gum disease)  is unfortunately a common disease but one that can be treated successfully.  If not treated it can lead to bone […]

Colorectal Cancer and Periodontal Disease

Colorectal Cancer-What’s periodontal disease got to do with it?  Remind you of an old song?  But I digress.  Many of us have friends or relatives who have been diagnosed with this disease.  It’s the reason we are encouraged to have regular colonoscopies. With early detection the cure rate is very promising.  But what you may […]

Dry Mouth

Many people experience degrees of dry mouth.  Dry mouth results when for some reason the salivary glands, located under your tongue and in your cheeks near your upper molars, do not produce enough saliva.  Not only is this uncomfortable for the patient but can have serious dental consequences. Not producing enough saliva in the mouth […]

Infection Control in the Dental Office Part 2

In a previous blog we discussed the numerous precautions that take place in the dental office before a patient is seen to insure a safe and sterile environment.  In this discussion we will explain the procedures involved in preparing the instruments that are used. In every dental office there is a sterilization center for the […]

Nursing Homes and Dental Hygiene

An interesting phenomena has taken place as our population ages.  Poor dental hygiene in nursing homes has risen to nearly epidemic proportions.  In the elderly this can lead to serious illness that might have been prevented. For many years in the past, people entering nursing homes came fitted with dentures.  Since these are removable, the […]