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Essentially You

Essential oils are definitely trending right now. Your neighbors are selling them and your friends are touting their miracle abilities. There’s a lot of buzz about living an oily life but do these oils really do what they claim? And can they benefit your oral health? These oils have been used for health care treatments […]

National Children’s Dental Health Month

What is the most chronic childhood disease effecting children 6-11 and adolescents 12-19?  Would you have guessed dental caries? February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  The American Dental Association takes this month to raise awareness about oral health care especially with children.  This year’s campaign theme “Sugar Wars”  depicts heroic cartoon children in a […]

Nursing Homes and Dental Hygiene

An interesting phenomena has taken place as our population ages.  Poor dental hygiene in nursing homes has risen to nearly epidemic proportions.  In the elderly this can lead to serious illness that might have been prevented. For many years in the past, people entering nursing homes came fitted with dentures.  Since these are removable, the […]

Stress and Your Teeth

Are you feeling more stressed out of late?  Are you the personality type that worries a lot?  Do you have difficulty relaxing, even when you are asleep?  Your teeth may be a testament to any of these. When you visit your dentist he may have noted some unusual wear.  He may even have noted teeth […]

The Great Flossing Debate

The big debate of the week follows a New York Times Well Blog article discussing when to floss.  The question of the hour: Is it best to floss prior to brushing or after brushing?  There appears to be no scientific evidence that establishes one or the other as more effective. As a result, I decided […]

Dr. Viglione Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. Viglione was recently recognized by the Virginia Dental Association for his contribution to dentistry and service.  At the Fall gathering held at the Greenbrier, Dr. Ted Sherwin, President of the VDA presented him with the Manny Michaels Distinguished Dentist Award.  This is given to a dentist who demonstrates outstanding service, leadership, and dedication to […]

Canker Sores-Grrrr!

As a fellow sufferer of canker sores for most of my life, I am always interested in information about possible prevention and treatment. They can be quite painful and even debilitating. I still remember as a young teacher having a mouth full of large canker sores that even affected my ability to talk. They usually […]

Infection Control and the Dental Office

The recent report of an oral surgeon from Tulsa, OK who was found to be treating patients under unsanitary and unsafe conditions, has caused concern and even fear among dental patients.  His breach of established infection control procedures is serious and cannot be minimized. As a patient, you may be wondering how you can know […]

Women and Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health.  We are all now aware of this.  But if you need one more reason to stop, ladies need to “listen up”!  A study that involved one of the most comprehensive looks at women’s health, The Women’s Health Initiative out of the University of Buffalo revealed another interesting fact about […]

Mouthrinse and Oral Health

It’s common knowledge that brushing and flossing contribute to good oral health.  A new study now shows that the use of a germ-killing mouth rinse is also beneficial.  Many of us think of mouthrinse as a purely cosmetic accessory. We want to make sure our breath is “socially ready”.  While brushing also leaves our mouths […]