So much is being written today about the value of practicing gratitude. It soothes the soul and eases anxiety. It is human nature to focus on that which is wrong and causing discomfort or pain.  But as we approach Thanksgiving, let’s be reminded  of the real reason for this holiday.  Starting from a historical prospective […]

Halloween Treats

  It’s that time of year when strange creatures appear at your door with a bag ready to receive goodies.  And by goodies we are definitely referring to sugar treats.  What’s a responsible parent to do?  Refuse to allow their child to participate in the annual debauchery (bah humbug!), dispose of their bag of goodies […]

The Holidays and Dental Care

It’s that time of year when “excess” rules, too much of everything.  It is only natural to over indulge when that tray of sweets is staring you in the face or party libations are being passed around.  What does this have to do with your teeth?  Lots! First and foremost, many of these treats are […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts

As we rush around deciding what size turkey we need, what kind of stuffing to make, and when we will take on Black Friday/Black Thursday, it seems appropriate to pause for a moment and remember the real reason for the celebration.  Yes folks, this holiday is about being thankful!  At Charlottesville Dental Health Partners, we […]

Trick or Treating

Every year we get questions from patients about how to best treat the “sweet feast” that follows Trick or Treating each year.  There are many ways to manage this from restricting the child’s intake each day to allowing them to have an all out feast followed by a good brushing and flossing and then removing […]