Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

This is a question I get asked a lot. And no wonder! Take a casual stroll down the dental aisle and its down right overwhelming. There are shelves and shelves of toothpastes all promising to be the next great thing that will save your teeth! Words like, tartar control, whitening, gum care, and other slogans […]

Whitening, Is it for You?

A common request from patients at Charlottesville Dental Health Partners is “I would like to lighten (whiten) my teeth”.  With all of the vices in our daily life (Coffee, Wine, Tea, Soda) plus the natural darkening of our teeth as we age (EEKK), our teeth can darken seemingly overnight. Lightening your teeth is one of […]

Sugar Confusion

While everyone seems to know and understand that too much sugar is indeed a bad thing, most don’t actually know what that means.  First, there are three types of sugar: sucrose, lactose, and fructose.  While the human body does require glucose to survive we know that, at the very least, “added”  sugar (also called free […]

Dr. Viglione Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. Viglione was recently recognized by the Virginia Dental Association for his contribution to dentistry and service.  At the Fall gathering held at the Greenbrier, Dr. Ted Sherwin, President of the VDA presented him with the Manny Michaels Distinguished Dentist Award.  This is given to a dentist who demonstrates outstanding service, leadership, and dedication to […]

Birthday Ruminations

Some of us lucky people not only start the New Year in January but also have a birthday. It’s a bit of a double whammy. We’re mulling over resolutions for the New Year as well as the fact we have just completed yet another year in our life and are beginning a new one. It […]

Cancer Treatment and Oral Health

A diagnosis of cancer can be over-whelming. With the diagnosis come many concerns. Oral health may be the last thing a cancer patient considers. Your dental team should be a part of your over all treatment planning. If chemotherapy and/or radiation are prescribed, there may be side effects that affect your oral cavity. Most importantly, […]

Children and Dental Emergencies

It’s summer time and with that comes increased activity, particularly for children. Swimming, soccer camp, playgrounds, etc. are prime opportunities for dental emergencies. Parents are often confounded about what to do when the worse happens and a tooth is knocked out. In the immediate aftermath of the accident the most important thing to know is […]

Mouthwash and Heart Disease?

In February I wrote about the benefits of using a mouthwash for oral health. There is mounting evidence that the benefits may go beyond a healthy mouth. Many of you are aware that heart disease remains the number one cause of death throughout the world.  There has long been speculation that there is a link […]

Pollen Count and Tooth Ache-Could they be Connected?

It’s that time of year again when we hear weather forecasters predicting the pollen count.  If you live in Central Virginia, you are accustomed to that number being significant.  Many folks suffer from allergies during this time.  Allergic symptoms can take multiple forms.  Many of them are common and easy to diagnose, i.e. runny noses, […]

Perfume-To Wear or Not to Wear When Visiting the Dentist?

Gradually we are becoming more aware of the quality of air we are exposed to in the work place. Some of this awareness has arisen out of the knowledge gained over the last half century related to passive smoke.  This is particularly true when people are confined in close spaces.  Add to this that dentistry […]