Children/Adolescent Dental Care

Early preventive dental care is important for children. Care of primary teeth aids in the positioning of permanent teeth, and combating the number one childhood disease which is dental caries (decay). It is usually recommended that an infant visit the dentist six months after the first tooth is visible or at one year if that is sooner. “Baby teeth” or primary teeth, the front ones, are used by the child for about 5-7 years before they are replaced by permanent teeth. Primary molar teeth, toward the back of the month, are used until about 11-13 years of age. Over those years, they serve many important functions. Teeth, “baby” or “adult” are important for chewing, speaking, supporting facial features, and smiling-an important part of social interactions. Primary teeth have the additional job of holding space so the permanent teeth can have room to erupt. Children’s issues can be discussed and a quick “look-see” exam might be accomplished in the parent’s lap. This process helps the young ones become familiar with our dental office setting and look forward to coming in for a visit of their own.