Why Choose Us?

About Insurance

  • Complimentary filing for all dental insurance plans
  • Individualized care not limited by insurance company constraints
  • Maximized insurance benefits
  • Multiple financing options to meet individual needs

Dental Health Partners has always been an alternative source for patient-centered, high quality guaranteed dental care.  We feel all patients, with or without dental insurance should be treated the same.  We do not limit the treatment choices that may be appropriate.

Does your dentist partner first with you or your insurance company?  Dental insurance is not like medical insurance.  It does not provide unlimited quality care above a certain out-of-pocket cost.  In fact, it’s all about the limitations of treatments per calendar year that makes dental insurance more of a dental coupon (with small print limits and exclusions).  Dental insurance is a nice benefit each year that is helpful.

Dental Health Partners submits information to all insurance companies using electronic claims and proper documentation to expedite insurance reimbursement.  We partner with you to maximize your benefits and minimize your dealings with the insurance company.